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Pierre Kassab,
Founder of Kassab Jewelers, came to America in 1979 from Beirut, Lebanon to pursue a career in the jewelry industry with his father and three brothers. In 1990, Pierre decided to split on his own to follow his dream and passion for jewelry and opened the first Kassab Jewelers store. In 1991 Kassab Jewelers expanded to a second location in Downtown Portland. Today Kassab proudly serves their long-standing clients through their three prominent locations in Washington Square, Lake Oswego and on Broadway in downtown Portland, Oregon. After the passing of the legend Pierre Kassab in October of 2018, his daughter Rana Kassab stepped in as the president of Kassab Jewelers and his son Danny Kassab became the CAD designer to carry on their father's legacy and passion for jewelry making their father's dream come true by growing the Kassab Custom designs.

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