Jewelry Maintenance

Cleaning Your Jewelry

This is an essential part to keeping your jewelery looking brilliant. With every purchase from Kassab’s, we provide you with special foam cleaner  and a polishing cloth. To clean your jewelery, we recommend soaking your jewelry in the foam cleaner for 5-10 minutes. From there, use a toothbrush to gently scrub your jewelery. After that, using hot water, clean the foam off the jewelry. Next, let your jewelry air dry for 10 minutes, then after that is done, take the polishing cloth and rub your jewelry till it shines like new.

The above method is used to keep your jewelry looking its best. However, with time, your jewelry will buildup residue from your skin, which will be difficult to be cleaned off with the method above. That is why we recommend bringing your jewelry in to any jeweler to get it professionally cleaned. This will take care of the buildup that you will be unable to take care of yourself. The goldsmith can also check your jewelry to see if any of the prongs are loose or bent and tighten them and ensure that your jewelry is kept in excellent condition.

Storing Your Ring

Since diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, they can easily scratch or chip your other jewelry, or even other diamonds. Your jewelry should be stored in a secure location where none of the jewelery is in contact with one another.

Protecting Your Jewelry

Avoid wearing your jewelry while you are doing strenuous activity. This includes working out, working on your home, or any other heavy work. Blows to the jewelry may bend your prongs, your ring, and may even chip your diamond. Just because the diamond is the hardest material known, does not mean it can be chipped.  A hard blow to the girdle (middle) or culet (pointy bottom) may chip the diamond. Aside from this, your diamond is essentially indestructible.

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