Setting Styles


Choose the setting that's right for you.


Classic or Cathedral?

There are two distinguished foundation styles, both with their own special features. Choosing your ideal setting style gets you one step closer to crafting the perfect ring.


Classic settings refer to rings where the prongs holding the center diamond attach to the band at a single point, creating a delicate, floating look. This style puts natural emphasis on the centerpiece (whether with or without a halo).


The arching cathedral design features a band that slopes up to the edge of the center stone. Cathedral style settings have a certain elegance to them. The natural curve of this type of setting allows for a more structured feel and allows for extra hidden details.


Complement Your Center Stone

Show off your center diamond with complementary side stones, a diamond halo, or let it shine on it’s own



Let your center stone be the star with subtle accent details and a perfectly designed setting to compliment the stone.

Solitaire with Halo

Surround your center stone with diamonds to emphasize both it's sparkle and size

Three Stone

Accentuate your center with a pair of matching diamonds in any shape on either side.


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