Ring Sizing

4 Methods to Ring Sizing

There are four methods for sizing any ring.

  1. Stretching
  2. Compression
  3. Sizing up
  4. Sizing down

The first method is rarely used as it makes the shank thinner and weakens the overall integrity of the ring. The first method is not recommended and should never be used. Kassab’s never stretches a ring due to the integrity lost in the ring after it has been stretched.

The second method is a much safer method then the first. It used only on plain men’s/woman’s wedding bands which have no stones in them. The ring is placed in a cylindrical bowl that is a size smaller then the ring. Then, with a flat shaped tool, pressure is applied to the ring where it compresses the ring. No gold is added or lost in this process.

The third method is used for sizing any ring up. This is done by cutting the bottom of the shank, pulling the two sides apart, building a bridge of new gold the size needed and then soldering it in preserving the thickness at the base of the ring where it is needed. However, at Kassab’s, we use laser to weld the extra bridge of gold rather then the traditional style of soldering. This gives us the ability to size a ring quicker and better then the traditional style.

The last method is used for sizing down a ring. This is done by cutting the bottom of the shank, taking out the proper length of gold and lasering the two pieces back together. Once again, Kassab’s uses a laser welder to insure the best quality sizing.

One concern that a customer may have is the integrity of the side stones after a ring has been sized either up or down. At Kassab’s we always check the stones before sizing. If any of them are loose, we tighten them before we continue on the process of sizing. This ensures that none of the stones will be compromised during and after the sizing process.

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