For centuries, silver has been revered as a highly valued metal.  It is the most abundant of all the precious metals. Ancient populations used it for currency, ornaments, silverware, and jewelry.  Today, silver is implemented in a wide array of industries and market sectors such as electronics, medicine, and clothing. Its most common use, however, is in jewelry.  Silver earrings, bracelets, watches, and rings are attractive, classy, and widely available.

In its purest state, silver can be as soft as gold.  For this reason, the metal is generally alloyed with copper to add strength.  Silver is a strong and durable metal, and is known for the ease in which it can be shaped into various patterns and designs.  The finish of silver depends on the techniques applied.  It can be matted, brushed, sandblasted, or oxidized.  It can also be polished to a high sheen that even platinum cannot attain.  On occasion, silver will take on a worn looking finish when tried on due to a response with the wearer's skin.  For this reason, before purchasing silver jewelry, it is imperative that you establish that you're not allergic to silver.

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